IF YOU want to hit straight shots at your target it is essential that you start your swing with the correct take away.

The two main faults with the take away are firstly, a start of the swing made predominantly with the arms swinging upwards, which can create too steep a back swing, and leads to the arms being disconnected from the body.

Secondly if your body starts turning early in the swing the club can swing too far behind you, which can make the swing too shallow.

Both (pictures 1 & 2) can lead to a poorly sequenced swing and some errant shots.

To get a great feeling of the correct takeaway, try this drill next time you go to the driving range.

Place two range basket one on top of another two feet to the right of your right foot in line with your toes.

Next take a spare glove or sponge and place it under your left arm.

The aim of this drill is to stay connected (keep the sponge or glove in place) while missing the baskets in the takeaway (pictures 3 & 4) This will produce a much better co-ordinated back swing, resulting in better struck shots with greater accuracy.

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