NEXT time you are on a difficult par four, faced with a long second shot, weigh up the odds of being successful of hitting the green from your distance from the hole.

Most of us may have more than 200 yards for your second shot and, potentially, may be hitting a three wood or a hybrid club.

Think a little more strategically when you are faced with this shot.

What is your bad shot tendency? Do you tend to slice the ball to the right? If so, you should be looking at the green and weighing up the picture ahead of you.

If there is a deep bunker or long grass to the right of the green the likelihood of you hitting into trouble is quite high.

Maybe you should aim to the left of the green to minimise the risk.

In a worst-case scenario, if there is trouble on both sides of the green, consider using a more lofted club and laying up short.

Using more loft increases the chances of a straight shot, leaving you a straightforward pitch from the fairway to the green instead of hacking out of the rough.