Last weekend saw the sidecar revival meeting held at Cadwell Park and former World Champions were invited along and done some demonstration laps to the delight of the spectators. One of these included 1978 World Champion Atworth's Kenny Williams who teamed up with former driver Rolf Biland who then went on and won another six World Championships with passenger Kurt Waltisperg. These two passengers shared their role over the weekend in the Swissauto powered outfit that used a V4 2 stroke engine that developed just over 200 bhp and was last raced to World Championship Victory in 1994 with Kurt Waltisperg as passenger. When Biland and Williams took to the track on the Saturday they led ten times World Champion driver Steve Webster and once their tyres were up to temperature they put in some very fast laps and extended their lead over Webster to the delight of the spectators as they looked liked they had lost none of their skill that took them to their World Championship. Kenny explained afterwards that it was Kurt's first visit to Cadwel Parkl and so his laps were a bit slower. On the Sunday Rolf Biland and Kenny Williams were joined by World champion drivers Steve Abbott and Steve Webster who put on a great display and showed how exciting sidecar racing can be. Kenny's next meeting is at Hockenheim in Germany between the 7th - 9th of September when he will be competing alongside driver Peter Swegler in a Classic event in a ex Biland Smitt/TTM Yamaha OW31 powered outfit.