WESTBURY United finished off the Toolstation League Premier Division campaign with an eventful 1-0 win away at Hengrove Athletic, writes JONATHAN LEIGHFIELD.

After the award of three first-half penalties to the visitors, Joe Stradling dispatched the third before the game was halted due a serious clash of heads shortly into the second half.

The players were taken off the pitch and the referee abandoned the game, but with neither team able to change positions as a result of any scoreline, the result is likely to stand with no replay.

Discussing a first-half where Storm Hannah made playing football a tricky task, Westbury manager Neil Kirkpatrick was full of praise for his side’s ability to adapt to the conditions.

He said: “We were excellent on Saturday. We were playing against storm Hannah in the first half and we dominated against that wind, and it was a strong wind.

“We played a lot of very good short-passing football and we kept the ball really well.

“We were given three penalties in the first half, the first of which was at 0-0 when Dan Kovacs was brought down, the referee pointed to the spot and Dan got up and said it wasn’t a foul.

“We then got another penalty and the ‘keeper saved it, then we had another penalty and Joe Stradling scored it.”

And not long after he had sent his team out to go and finish the season on a high, Kirkpatrick witnessed a sickening clash of heads.

The Westbury boss paid tribute to the speed of the emergency services’ arrival and a couple of his own players for helping both physios.

Kirkpatrick said: “Shortly into the second half there was a clash of heads between Dan Price and their lad. It was a horrendous injury. Their lad was out cold, then he was fitting and being sick – it was pretty scary.

“A couple of our lads, Luke Smith and Dan Jordan, were there helping too and they said they couldn’t feel a pulse at one stage.

“But the ambulance was there really quickly and thankfully, about an hour later, he was apparently sat up right as rain, just waiting for a scan to double check everything was alright.“Thankfully, it turned out alright in the end, but it was pretty horrible stuff.”

Elsewhere, Bradford Town fought back from 3-1 down to rescue a point in the final minute of the game away at Roman Glass St George in a 3-3 draw.

Matt Morris equalised shortly before half-time before Town conceded twice in the early stages of the second half.

Will Hailstone grabbed his first almost immediately after St George’s third but Jack Witcombe’s 84th minute red card threatened to derail the momentum.

Luckily for the Bobcats, Hailstone popped up again in the 90th minute to rescue a point.