FC Chippenham Youth is looking to capitalise on the interest in the European Championships by encouraging more female footballers to start playing.

Longstanding club stalwart John Murphy has defined a four-year plan for the club to provide opportunities for players of all ages and levels.

He said: “With the support of Chippenham County Council, Stanley Park Football facilities and Wiltshire FA we’ve secured funding to create an ongoing programme for girls from age six and upwards to get into football with our club.

“We want girls to be coming here at a young age where we can build teams and players of the future.

“We already have around 80 girls playing regular football across the age groups, but unlike the boys football which needs no recruitment drives, we have to constantly work to bring girls into the game.

“Our four-year plan is to change perception and get girls coming to us for football. If we can get 20 or 30 youngsters from Chippenham coming in every year then we will see stars of women’s football coming from the area.”

If you’re interested in joining or want more information, email John at aidcatmurp@btinternet.com.