Harry the Wiltshire lion is hoping to inspire the Three Lions for their Euro 2020 quarter-final match this weekend with his impressive footballing skills.

Just like England's Harry Kane, the male lion is the leader of the pride of lions at Longleat Safari Park near to Warminster.

And when keepers tossed in a football to stimulate the group, Harry was the first one onto the pitch.

He showed off his athletic prowess by stretching up to a tree branch to dislodge a red and white ball with the Three Lions emblem emblazoned on it.

Wiltshire Times:

The rest of his team might need to show more finesse though as they soon ripped the ball apart with their razor-sharp claws and huge teeth.

Lions have been living at Longleat since 1966 when England last won a major tournament.

Large male lions can grow to over three metres in length and weigh more than 240kgs while females are just under two metres long and reach a maximum of 180kgs.

Their life expectancy in the wild is approximately 12 years but they can expect to live to almost twice that age in captivity.