JAMES May was on "great form" when he opened a new Bowls and Croquet club in Tisbury in Wiltshire. 

The finale of Tisbury’s Four Day Platinum Jubilee "extravaganza" was a big picnic, including a Classic Cars parade, hosted by 'Her Majesty the Queen', played by Heather Wren. 

'Her Royal Highness' eventually teamed up with The Grand Tour's James May who was formally opening the new club.

Deputy chairman of the club David Morley said that James and his partner Sarah were both on great form as they moved from the opening ceremony to demonstrate his expertise during a game of croquet on the bowling-green-quality lawns.

David said: "’The Queen’, looking quite sublime, then surprised all onlookers by taking up a croquet mallet and facing-off James before handing him her handbag and knocking her ball straight through the hoop, followed by silence then tumultuous applause and broad smiles everywhere!

"The day was an immense success and was attended by huge crowds who, somewhat unexpectedly, were able to enjoy a riotous outside picnic on a table for 120 guests, untroubled by rain (which arrived moments after closing time, too late to dampen the spirits as it fell in torrents!)."