Michael Flynn said that he does not care how Swindon Town play at times so long as they start picking up victories.

Swindon would be second in League Two if games stopped at half-time but have been unable to hold onto their advantages on five occasions this season, including having held the lead at the break in their last three matches but only taking one point.

Flynn said that his team have to learn how to manage games when they are in advantageous positions and ensure that they take the points vast portions of their performances have deserved.

He said: “The longer a game goes on, there is obviously more time to make mistakes, but I do think that it is about game management.

“If you are looking at the Morecambe and Salford games, we are playing against ten men and there is no way we should have thrown away two points.

“That shouldn’t have happened, we should have seen those games out, and if the ball has to go over the stand at times, then I don’t care.

“I want to win football matches and as much as we are playing attractive, free-flowing football, we still need to improve in transition from attack to defence.

“If we do that then we are going to be a tough nut to crack.”

Swindon have earned just one win from their last nine matches in League Two and will now welcome undefeated Mansfield to the County Ground on Saturday and Flynn said that performing for 90 minutes would be crucial.

He said: “They have to be switched on for the duration of the game, look at Stockport, up to 70 minutes we are winning 2-1 and we went toe-to-toe with Stockport.

“It was only because we gave away poor goals that we ended up with no points, that is what the strong teams do, they punish you.

“They can smell blood, they don’t allow you to get away with a lapse in concentration, they are ruthless professionals who want to win.

“We have got a young squad and we are learning together, there are no excuses and this period we are going through will only make them stronger throughout their career if that is what they want.

“If they want to improve and be better players, then adversity gives you a chance to learn about yourself, your teammates, and the whole way you want to approach your career.”