Michael Flynn said that the whole club needed that win after Swindon Town earned a dramatic late 2-1 victory over Mansfield Town.

Jake Young gave Swindon the lead at the break before Lucas Akins pegged them back early in the second half.

However, three minutes into second-half stoppage time, Young took control of a goal-mouth scramble to turn home the winner.

Flynn said that the players proved to everyone how much they care about the club through their performance.

He said: “Today was good for everyone, I think that I needed it, the staff needed it, the players needed it, and most importantly the fans needed it.

“It is a bit corny but that one was for them because they have stuck with us through the last month.

“We should have won a lot more games in that month, today was a far more solid performance throughout the duration of the game and the players deserve the credit for that.

“The players have been working hard, they are as fed up as I am and the supporters are, they have got pride in playing for Swindon Town.

“Talk is cheap and I can tell you until I am blue in the face, but they have gone and proved today that they care and that is the pleasing thing for me.

"I knew they could and I never had any doubts about that, that they cared about this team.

"From the outside looking in and you start getting all the stupid questions getting asked, well they have just answered all of them.

"For as bad of a month as we had going almost a month without winning, we are two points outside the play-offs."

Swindon were denied a penalty during the second half as Saidou Khan's shot seemed to have struck the arm of Aden Flint in the area, but the referee decided not to give the penalty. 

Flynn said that he felt like justice had been done in the end as Town eventually got their winner.

He said: "There was a clear penalty and we created a lot of chances after that.

"I have known Lee [Swabey, the referee] and he was gracious enough to admit that he got it wrong during the game.

"We all make mistakes and I have definitely not been perfect in my life, and all we want is that but of honesty and Lee was honest today, so I respect that.

"It does [feel like justice], if you look at last week we had a perfectly good goal disallowed and you start going 'oh no, here we go, it is not our day again.'

"But like I said to you in the press yesterday, there are no excuses, we will keep going, and we will keep working.

"We are going to have things go against and we are going to have things given to us that maybe we shouldn't have.

"Today I thought we got what we deserved and that was the three points because I was very impressed with that performance."