Gavin Gunning has said that he expects Clem Morfuni to make the necessary investments to improve the Swindon Town squad over the summer.

Following their fourth defeat in five matches, Gunning said that he believed that Town lacked the experience necessary to tackle a side with the physicality of Sutton.

Swindon have the fifth youngest squad in League Two this season and they have made the fewest combined appearances with 1,059, less than a third of what Mansfield's squad have.

When asked whether he believed that the club would be able to make the changes to the squad that the interim head coach believes are needed, Gunning said that Morfuni was aware of what was required.

He said: “I don’t think it is about bigger problems, it just shows where you need to improve for next year.

“You need experience in the spine of the team, that is what is required to be successful.

“If you look at all of the best teams in this league and they have got it through the spine and then you fit these quality young players around them.

“We know as a club that going forward that is what is required. It is a must and I think that Clem is willing to sign the players.

“That is 100 per cent what is required, experience is key.”

Gunning felt that despite him saying that he would like to make significant changes to the squad, the current group should have enough pride in their own performances to keep going and earn a spot at Swindon or elsewhere for next season.

He said: “You have got to have personal pride, it is football, you are a professional footballer, and you get paid really well to be here.

“Don’t come here thinking ‘what if I don’t get a new deal?' Or 'what about this and that.’ No, show people you deserve it, don’t just expect it because it doesn’t just come.

“If you have a weak mentality, if you want to be successful then you can’t allow that.

“You have got to perform in these games, you can’t turn the lights out if you are a player because I can’t imagine the club is going to be rushing to offer improved deals out.

“Some boys are assets, but when you have had a season like we have had it is important to get back to those standards of when things were successful.”