Trowbridge Wanderers are reviving their senior football team to provide a place for young players at the club to aim for.

Marcus Faint is one of the managers of the team looking to help develop the team having come back to the club through his daughter playing in the younger age groups.

Faint said that he felt that the club needed a place for the young players to aim for as they came through the age groups, so setting up a senior side could help inspire those young players.

He said: “Myself and Jake Little, we both got involved around a year and a half ago around the under-ten and under-11 girls teams as we both have daughters who play for them, we both got involved that way and then started helping out on the management committee.

“One thing we noticed was there was no endpoint for the lads teams, after they got to under-16s there was no progression after that, the girls’ side have the ladies' team to aim for if they wanted to but the lads didn’t.

“Having both played youth football, we felt that was quite a shame as you have people play for us from eight years old and then they come all the way through but have to go elsewhere to play.

“For us, it was about creating a team that the young lads could aspire to play for and help bridge that gap by creating a team predominantly made up of these young lads and give them that first taste of men’s football.”

Faint added that the important part of bringing back the senior team was making sure that its ethos was strongly connected to that of the whole club.

He said: “There have been some men’s teams in the past that didn’t work for a number of reasons and I think there was some apprehension about starting one again, but Jake and I took it upon ourselves to create a plan for what we wanted to do.

“The idea is that within a few seasons, it will be fed entirely by the youth teams, but for this coming season we have a gap in the boy’s teams.

“What we have done is get people who have a connection with the club and who we know are good eggs that we want around.

“A big part of it is creating a culture in the team that buys into the attitude of the rest of the club.”