WILTSHIRE'S men and women were both beaten in their final inter county championship games last weekend, missing out on a place in the quarter finals.

The men lost by 15 shots as they blew their chance of a Middleton Cup quarter final slot, going down 120-105 to Gloucestershire at Cheltenham.

Therefore despite beating Devon in their first group game it is the holders Devon that win the group and progress to the quarter-finals.

The ladies were beaten away in their final west group match at Clevedon 122-102 by Somerset, who claimed the quarter final place in the Johns Trophy.

Wiltshire only took the honours on two rinks but lost on the other four.

They only trailed 25-22 overall after five ends but were59-40 down at ten and 110-86 adrift at 18 ends before finally losing 122-102.

RESULTS (skips only) Wiltshire men v Gloucestershire, Rink 1: Justin Davis lost to Stuart Hodges 15-20. Rink 2: Russell Francis beat Matt Cuthbert 22-20. Rink 3: Graham Shadwell lost to Rob Griffiths 13-30. Rink 4: Neil Smith lost to Steve Knight 16-19. Rink 5: Mel Biggs beat Nathan Kitchen 18-14. Rink 6: Ben Gadd beat Nick Holliday 21-17.

Score: Wiltshire lost to Gloucestershire 105-120 and by 6pts to 16.

RESULTS (skips only) Wiltshire women v Somerset, Rink 1: Margaret Annetts lost to Laura Holden 15-19. Rink 2: Alex Jacobs lost to Elaine Amery 16-29. Rink 3: Marcia Hartley beat Stef Branfield 21-11. Rink 4: Delia Godwin lost to Joan Walmsley 13-20. Rink 5: Kathryn Yeoman beat Jill Young 20-18. Rink 6: Janet Willis lost to Kirsty Hembrow 17-25.

Score: Wiltshire lost to Somerset 102-122 and by 4 pts to 18.