DEVIZES Ladies played a special game against Wiltshire Ladies as part of the club’s centenary celebrations.

The match brought to an end the scheduled special games planned against selected opponents this season on the Long Street bowling greens.

Devizes found the going tough against a Wiltshire ladies side laced with inter-county championship Johns Trophy and South West Counties League players and were beaten heavily 156-85.

The hosts did win on one rink of the six and managed a draw on another.

Top honours went to the quartet led by Sheila Turner who, despite not scoring after the 15th end, still won their match 17-13 after 21, while Bev Lilley’ s foursome were 19-10 up at 14 ends but drew 23-23.


Rink 1: Rose Merritt, Eleanor Mahoney, Rosemary Bradbury & Bev Lilley drew with Lynne Stanford, Ros Corke, Jane Taylor & Janet Willis 23-23.

Rink 2: Ellen Stiles, Heather Culleton, Alison Cross & Rose Keen lost to Wendy Anderson, Jenny Oliver, Jill Webb & Trish Jarrett 16-23.

Rink 3: Isabel Scoffield, Ingrid Thorogood, Sue Reeves & Sheila Garlick lost to Dawn Toomer, Glenis Truman, Sue Gravell & Mo Wolley 14-26.

Rink 4: Marie Greenwood, Janet Hodgetts, Angela Roberts & Margaret Webber lost to Mary Pratt, Val Botting, Janice Bull & Jean Collier 6-33.

Rink 5: Mary Pearson, Pat Cartwright, Josie Mulligan & Mary Jones lost to Beryl Smith, June Corbett, Lesley Trattles & Pat Jones 9-38.

Rink 6: Joyce Little, Lynn Hicks, & Sheila Turner beat Glenda Hibberd, Nancy Oliver, Linda Perfitt & Fizz Mace 17-13.

Score: Devizes Ladies lost to Wiltshire Ladies 85-156.

THE following day Wiltshire Ladies were beaten in their final friendly of the 2017 season, the annual county showdown against Wiltshire men, at Amesbury, the home club of Wilts men’s president John Southern.

The ladies lost by 19 shots as they went down 108-127, only winning on two rinks and drawing on another.

Top ladies rink was skipped by Amesbury’s Janice Rowe, who won by seven shots while Margaret Annetts edged home by two shots.

Sharing the spoils were the foursomes skipped by Bill Collier and Delia Godwin.

Successful for the men were rinks skipped by Bob Fredericks (13 shots) Richard Gardiner (10) and Royal Wootton Bassett’s Alan Small (five).

Men’s president Southern came out on top in the battle against his counterpart Mo Wolley (Alderbury) with his rink winning their game 26-16.


Wiltshire Ladies names first, Rink 1: C Francis, M Greenwood, J Bull & Margaret Annetts beat R Green, C Gumm, D Smith & Dave Richards 18-16.

Rink 2: R Keen, S Gravell, K Kirby & Joan Coleman lost to G Annetts, S Allison, S Mitchell & Alan Small 17-22.

Rink 3: J Corbett, F Mace, M Woolley & Babs Salter lost to D Edmonds, R Francis, J Southern & Richard Gardiner 16-26.

Rink 4: G Hibberd, M Jones, S Garlick & P Jones lost to J Richards, G Toomer, P Sanders & Bob Fredericks 16-29.

Rink 5: V Botting, P Reaves, B Lilley & J Rowe beat G Black, F Botting, M Williams & Martin Salter 21-14.

Rink 6: A Hindley, J Little, J Collier & Delia Godwin drew with P Naish, D Williams, B Merritt & Bill Collier 20-20.

Score: Wiltshire Ladies lost to Wiltshire Men 108-127.

WILTSHIRE'S men also rounded off their 2017 season of friendlies as they registered a 128-109 victory over Essex played at Maidenhead (Berks).

Under the leadership of president Southern for the last time, Wiltshire won on three of the six rinks and drew on another but lost on two.

Top rink honours went to Bob Fredericks (14 shots) followed by John Crowder (eight shots) and Dave Richards (four) while last year’s president Pete Sanders drew.

The only skips to taste defeat were Alan Small (RWB) by six shots and narrowly Bill Collier (Amesbury) by a single shot.

Wiltshire’s John Southern won the presidents battle against Mark Cohen (Southend-on-sea BC) by the small margin of four shots in an 18-14 success.

RESULTS (skips only)

Rink 1: Peter Sanders drew with Norman Pinnager 19-19.

Rink 2: Bob Fredericks beat David Jacobs 30-16.

Rink 3: Bill Collier lost to Pat Finney 20-21.

Rink 4: Dave Richards beat Richard Shillito 18-14.

Rink 5: Alan Small lost to Roger Gowlett 22-28.

Rink 6: John Crowder beat Brian Stubbings 19-11.

Score: Wiltshire men beat Essex men 128-109.

THE cenrtral region in the Wessex Indoor League begins this Sunday morning with returnees Clevedon playing Christie Miller (Melksham) and Purnell ( Paulton) facing St Andrews (Weston-Super-Mare) in group games.

The other five members of the central section do not open their central campaign until next Sunday, October 8.

North Wilts IBC (Chippenham) meet Purnell, Thornbury clash with overall Wessex League holders Clarrie Dunbar, Clevedon and Bristol are due to meet while Nailsea face St Andrews.