I AM writing in response to an article that was published in The Wiltshire Times a fortnight ago, regarding the recent one per cent pay increase that our local councillors are going to receive.
I am curious to know, as I am sure many of us are, as to why these councillors, whom we chose to elect to serve our communities, are worthy enough to reward themselves a pay rise for complete and utter failure, whilst, in the meantime, they voted in favor of capping public sector pay.
Surely, in extremely difficult times of austerity where wages are being squeezed and stagnated, important public services are being cut, child poverty hitting record levels and the use of food-banks rising more and more affecting thousands of people living in the Wiltshire area, it is not the right time to discuss pay increases when many of us are struggling to get by.
We as society can no longer carry on like this. We have to invest more money into our public services and resources, a local economy that would benefit us all and not just those in power.
Wiltshire Council has the moral duty to understand its responsibilities to the people that it represents and be prepared to think of others and not itself whilst ignoring the desperate cries of social help of so many people living around Wiltshire.
Steven Wilcox
Lambrok Close