THERE was I, fool that I am, on Thursday October 19, trying to make the flooded road outside Abbey Mill in Church Street passable for pedestrians following a downpour, the first of the winter, which flooded because of all the drains being clogged with mud. 
Much appreciated by youngsters in their wellies and some drivers who thought they were on a rally-cross circuit.
That said, imagine my feelings the following day on opening to page 2 of my Wiltshire Times (why not more prominent ed?) a report of the massive pay increases our county councillors have awarded themselves. They cannot keep our drains clear nor repair our roads and potholes. 
They happily splash our money about on yellow paint for extra parking lines and, for a laugh, paint 20mph speed limits throughout the town where you are lucky to get up to 15mph.
The figures reported in the Wiltshire Times, if correct, show there is only an overall increase of £7,000, yet Councillor Thorn’s increase of £4,500, plus back pay to May, together with the leader, Councillor Scott’s £4,100, leave little for the others. I understand that Councillor Scott was assigned to the Grenfell Enquiry, which I assume carries some sort of remuneration or expenses. Two-jobs Scott? Good for Mr Payne for voting against the proposal. What now for next year’s council tax increase?
Perhaps they could put me on the payroll with an allowance for my bucket and spade.
Gareth Jones
Abbey Mill
Church Street
Bradford on Avon