A reader from Trowbridge has spoken out about the changing face of his town.

Jim Day, of Whiterow Park in Trowbridge, lamented the historic buildings that no longer exist and claimed that plans to improve the area are focusing on the wrong ideas.

He wrote: “It is obvious that even the BBC and ITV do not rate Trowbridge, the county town, of any importance as it is never featured on any weather map.

“Devizes is always prominently featured, so perhaps the county town honour should be passed to Devizes.

“Trowbridge could be re-named as the County Litter Bin.

“Devizes has so much more going for it, a vibrant market on Thursdays in a very old market place surrounded by many shops, pubs and interesting buildings.

“It has the Corn Exchange and tourist attractions such as the Canal Wharf and many flourishing shops.

“But what it hasn’t got is a railway station, well not yet.

“Trowbridge used to have an original Victorian Railway Station similar to Bradford on Avon.

“Now it has two bus shelter-like constructions and a building that looks like a combination of a public convenience and a post office a.k.a. the ticket office which is hardly ever open.

“Trowbridge used to have the Crown Post Office.

“It now has a counter in the back of a shop.

“Trowbridge used to have a magnificent Market Hall.

“It now has a closed down pub and the Mary Celeste shopping centre.

“What other buildings and original features can be got rid of in the name of progress?

“What about those awful cobbled pavements outside Parade House, they could slabbed over in the latest new pavement obsession.

“How is this obsession with new pavements going to bring more people into the town?

“Perhaps open-top bus tours to get a bird's eye view of the new wonders of Trowbridge.

“Councillor Caroline Thomas states that by improving Wicker Hill area it will give a better linkage for pedestrians between the town centre and the railway station.

“As anyone who actually knows Trowbridge, to walk from the town centre to the railway station you just have to walk through the Shires and across the car park.

“Not walk all the way down Wicker Hill and up Stallard Street.

“She also states that local people are already benefitting from the improvements made at the junction of Church Street and Union Street.

“What rubbish.

“The traffic may benefit as there is no restriction - cars etc, can now drive around the junction without having to slow down or stop.

“Pedestrians have to get across a busy road without the benefit of a pedestrian crossing.

“Do councillors ever walk around the town with their eyes open?”