REVISED plans for 91 houses on land west of Drynham Lane will be opposed by Trowbridge Town Council.

At the most recent town development meeting, Trowbridge Town Council has once more unanimously rejected plans by developers Wainhomes to build over 90 homes in the town.

The town council noted that the development would have a negative impact on the nearby residents and the knock-on effect of the plans on other roads in the Southview Park estate.

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In its objection the town council said: “The site should provide for vehicular access only via the proposed alternative link to the north of the site into the main Ashton Park development site, eliminating the need for a road bridge to access the site from Southview Park.”

Hundreds have signed a petition to block the developer from using their street as access for a new development.

The petition was started by the Southview Park Committee and has gathered 400 signatures.

On the petition, it says that the residents have been subjected to eight years of building as Wainhomes has stopped and started construction in the area.

Now, as work is coming to a close, they are concerned about two more bids for 91 or more houses.

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Previously, Wainhomes has told residents to take their concerns up with Wiltshire Council.

The town council also noted the proposals did not align with Wiltshire Council’s policies to encourage people to reduce private car travel.

It said that the development does not include a segregated cyclist and pedestrian path which connects it to other nearby sites and thus failed to promote sustainability.