REDEVELOPMENT plans for the former Bowyers factory in Trowbridge have received a mixed response since its submission.

Developer Innox Mills Ltd has put in a hybrid planning bid for up to 300 properties, a convenience store and commercial space on the old mill site on Stallard Street.

Outline permission has been sought to build up to 284 properties on the former mill land, as well as 872sqm of commercial space.

Wiltshire Times: Site for the proposed Innox Mills development VIA GOOGLE MAPSSite for the proposed Innox Mills development VIA GOOGLE MAPS

The bid also seeks full planning permission to build a convenience store and 12 apartments which will require parts of the building to be demolished and extended.

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Jonathan Dean, director of site owners Innox Mills said: “We want this to be a buzzing, sustainable quarter that contributes to the Council’s climate and ecology objectives while supporting Trowbridge town centre and encouraging more people to spend time here – plus providing new jobs and opportunities for residents old and new.

“We’ve spent the last five years listening to lots of ideas and suggestions and working up the plans. Whilst some of them were unfortunately not workable, I’m delighted to say that many of the ideas are included in either the submitted application or are in the longer-term plans for Innox Mills.

“We’d like to thank everyone who has been involved. We’re excited to have finally reached this stage and, subject to how planning goes, we could potentially be on site in 2023.”

Wiltshire Times: Illustrative depiction of Innox Mills Illustrative depiction of Innox Mills

Kez Gardner, chairman of the Trowbridge Chamber of Commerce, said: “The Chamber of Commerce is delighted that Innox Mills is to be developed as a beautiful commercial, leisure and residential space, with attention paid to good design, bat conservation, biodiversity and green environmental buildings.

“We are particularly glad to encourage the reuse of empty brownfield land here, which will help to revitalise and restore the County Town of Wiltshire to its former glory.”

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Leader of Trowbridge Town Council, Stewart Palmen said: “I am really pleased that these realistic and achievable plans have been submitted for the site.

“We have been pushing for new housing to first use brownfield sites before taking any more of the green fields around Trowbridge and this application helps address this.

“It also helps preserve the old mill buildings bringing them into use again and it will provide those arriving by train a much better experience walking through to the centre of town.

"I also like the way the design makes a feature of the River Biss with green spaces and tree planting.

“I still need to read through the application in detail but in general, I am very excited by the project and hope that it can translate from plans to building as soon as possible.”

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Allan Lawrence, who owns Zen Luxuries said: “This is riddled with potential to change the landscape of our town.

“I’m also excited to see how the co-working space will come to fruition and a mixture of apartments will 100 per cent benefit someone like myself getting on the property ladder.”

On Wiltshire Council’s planning portal, Mark Hughes wrote: “Whilst I am pleased that there is progression in developing the site, I am concerned that there is a lack of access and the development will lead to an already congested town centre.

“Emissions and road safety is already a concern for residents and I feel concessions need to be made for access from the opposite end of the site as well.”

Someone who commented under the name Sally said: “Why do we need more housing in Trowbridge!

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“This is such a terrible idea. Instead, perhaps build a University or College OR proper leisure facilities – things to do!”

Dean Plumley said: “Whilst I welcome the redevelopment, why again are you looking to housing.

“Trowbridge is gridlocked on a weekend and at peak times this will worsen it. Where are the leisure facilities Trowbridge so clearly needs?”

Here’s what some Wiltshire Times readers had to say on the plans, Andy Fox said: “Great news that the Town is attracting investment. It will rejuvenate the whole area.”

Wiltshire Times: Artist's impressions of the proposed Innox Mills development in TrowbridgeArtist's impressions of the proposed Innox Mills development in Trowbridge

Sophy Whyley said: “Why? What happened to the plans of street markets and shops etc? Who needs more commercial areas with most office blocks empty already? And one convenience shop for all those houses?”

Gina Power Muir said: “About time something was done to the site as it is an eyesore they could have included a bowling alley for families. We don’t need any more shops we need to fill the shops that we have anything is better than what we have I just wish the council had more imagination.”

Full details of the development can be found on Wiltshire Council’s planning portal and using the reference PL/2021/08064.