Social media influencer Elle Darby from Westbury has been radio silent on her social media pages since January 4.

Her online disappearance follows the backlash she received after dozens of her old tweets were unearthed from 2011.

The 26-year-old mum stated on her YouTube channel that she was ‘disgusted’ with herself for the nature of the comments she made in the past, but this failed to counteract the offence caused to many of her fans, causing her to lose thousands of her followers in the space of a few weeks.

Since then, people have been speculating about how she might be doing, and where the social media star is now.

Her brand, the ‘Angelle Collection’ released a new line of hoodies on March 16, sparking the question as to whether the influencer is about to make a return.

TikToker Ella May Houghton stated: “This is the first sign of life in like four months.”

Taking to the brand’s Instagram page, she hinted that the business had not yet stopped filtering customers’ comments.

She said: “I just had a look at their comments section, and as you can see comments are still limited so I don’t know what that says. A lot of these comments do look positive but I wonder if that’s because they are filtering them.”

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Another TikTok video with 17K views suggested she had been spotted heading to Florida on March 9, but she has not been seen to have shared any photos of the trip online.

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Angelle Collection, Elle Darby’s clothing brand sent an email to customers at the beginning of March which has also been circulating online.

It said: “As you are likely to know, our founders were recently at the front of public media criticism for past comments.

"Much like all of you, the team and supporting members of our Angelle and SWFT operations were disappointed and do not support the words that were shared.

"Elle and Connor have made their statements of apology and are taking some time away from social media.

“Angelle and SWFT employ and support a team of people, who continue to be committed to the original core values; positivity, community and inclusivity. We are grateful for your support since the brands started.

"We are nothing without you; the community that joined our journey… We have taken the last few months to reflect on how we manage our business and understand what we can change, and we will be making changes going forward.”

Elle Darby has been approached by this newspaper asking what her plans are going forward, but has not yet responded.