Social media influencer Elle Darby, from Westbury, has returned to YouTube after months of silence. 

But she has turned the comments off on her channel, preventing fans from reacting to her videos on the platform.  

Her return comes following the unearthing of a stream of racist tweets she and her partner Connor Swift had made in the past.  

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Her new videos entitled: ‘Coming back to YouTube’ and ‘9 ways I got my sparkle back’ have caused her fans to debate her return on other social media sites.  

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One viewer claimed that the return was "strategic", while others felt that the return was, in fact, well-executed and did not seem to mind that she was back to posting video content once again.

Some people also felt that her return was impressive after receiving a large amount of backlash online - and that cancel culture may not solve everything. 

Elle Darby has been approached for a comment but has not yet responded.